Learn to save in University

If you have to effectively manage your money and do not want to run out of funds, learn to save. You will see that the accounts of the period will decrease.

1. University Residences - If you live far away is the cheapest accommodation. Sign up for months before getting this job. Prices vary according to the university: walk between 50 and 170 euros depending on whether you want to stay in a single room or more students. If you have to rent a home, share it with other people and choose the apartments that have fixed costs included in price. If you have to pay water, electricity and gas suppliers in search of cheaper energy tables and talk with the landlord to change.

2. Food - you can always eat at home. Shop at the supermarket white label products and avoid purchasing food then do not use or spoil. If you go out to eat at the university cafeteria or bring a meal home. Council tupperware: cook once a week (if you do not know learn) and minced meat soup (you can roll, lasagna, bolognese ...), divide and freeze.

3. Textbooks and school supplies - Books: buy second hand or on the internet auction, look for discounts online, order books in libraries, borrow, swap. School supplies: recycle. Reuse old covers and make photocopies in notepad.

4. Transport - not in thin arm. Bus, train and metro are the means of locomotion. If you have a car, carpool.

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