Paypal Donations for childrens

The Regretsy is a company that decided to do a little charity this year, and as such wanted to raise money to buy gifts and collecting gifts for needy children.

To collect money for gifts for about two hundred children has created a PayPal Donate button on your site. This is a Paypal button that allows only be used by non-profit, even though the terms and conditions state that the valid causes are also accepted.

But although the Regretsy not be a non-profit company, this campaign will certainly followed in the field of worthy causes. But Paypal is not agreed and closed the account ... Getting there with the money that was blocked.

To unlock the account Paypal Regretsy want to return the money to those who donated. Therefore, the company has to send them a letter admitting that he violated the terms of service and request permission to unlock the money, which can take up to 6 months.

But the worst of the story is that PayPal gets their commissions, even if returning the money to donors ... Fantastic.

But Paypal has already spoken on the subject and states that the funds have been released and are in talks with Regretsy on this subject, themselves going to make a donation to the cause.

Paypal says that this kind of activities done by companies for profit, as is the case, it is accepted by them but by the delivery of certain documents to ensure that funds are not misused. As the company has not delivered the PayPal had to follow the law and act as he did.

Certainly not much blame Paypal attitude, because the rules are to be fulfilled and they are there to ensure that these funds are not diverted. But the fact is that rightly or wrongly, Paypal ended with Christmas almost 200 children.

We appreciate That Can this be an inconvenience, but we have the Responsibility to all our customers - Both donors and recipients, or buyers and sellers. In this instance, our Recognized error and we moved swiftly to the Possible to fix it. "

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