Announce here the quality of you services for free

During these last few weeks we have received some emails praising our work in this blog. We are also grateful for the visitors who come back here to read our post's. Sorry for not update these last three weeks with fresh content.

 The purpose of this blog is to give people information services they need. It's what we try to offer a way still amateur. But a next step. How would like to offer our readers information seeking accurate and detailed. We leave the challenge to firms and organizations whenever they want to present their services a noticeable we can publish posts information about what they have to offer.

 Of course, we do not want to charge any fee. Our single tax is the originality of the post's. We will only accept text that is not yet published anywhere on the Internet. We do not want to make this blog a corner advertising. We want to offer readers the ability to find what they seek and leave satisfied with the information content.

 This blog currently ranges between 1000 and 9000 views a day. But we are convinced that the traffic will increase more and more since we are focusing on quality. As we invest in an advertising campaign. Thank you all, because it began with a joke that ultimately becomes every day that passes a reference for our readers.

For those who want to present and describe their its services send their texts to mmcorrelo at yahoo dot com.

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