Used cars

Know that it's worth importing models and where to buy a used one in good condition.

Used cars in good condition, with little kilometers, up to three years old, diesel and a good price. These are some of the features that many individuals want to look for when buying a second hand car. However, even turning to used cars, especially in medium and high ranges, the discount is not always so great compared to the price of a zero kilometers from the same brand. Going to buy a foreign car is always a possibility but doubt remains: is it worth? The answer is not immediate.

"Buying a used imported diesel and, according to data from recent years, (now there is little difference between the price of diesel and gasoline) and has between four or more years may be worth. But always arises the question of the quality of vehicle acquisition, "said Antonio Ferreira Nunes, president of the National Association of Trade and Auto Repair (ANECRA), told the Economic Daily.

He added that "the brands Mercedes, BMW and VW diesels, cars or 'tourings', the cars have been imported."

Currently, factors such as age of the automobile, engine capacity and CO2 emissions interfere with the tax to apply to legalize the car in Portugal, namely in the final price that the car goes out and does not always pay.

"The law governing the import of used cars provides discounts on Taxes (ISV) that begin in six months with 10% and reach 80% when the cars are over 10 years. On the other hand are free of VAT, "said Antonio Ferreira Nunes.

The president of ANECRA, "is never advisable to purchase a used with more than 4 or 5 years. Otherwise one gets an expensive product, very technologically outdated. "

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